Northside Saint Patrick’s Parade and Festival Rules & Regulations

All entries and participants are required to follow the rules and regulations for the Northside Saint Patrick’s Parade and Festival (hereafter called the “Event”) set by the organizers, and are to conduct themselves in a respectful and lawful manner.  Entries and participants are subject to dismissal from the Event if behavior is deemed to be inappropriate by an Event official or Police officer.

  1. All entries must provide family-oriented entertainment consistent with this celebration in honor of Saint Patrick and Irish-American heritage.
  2. Each entry shall be responsible for the conduct of all of its participants.
  3. Attire appropriate to the occasion is required of all participants.
  4. NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the Parade portion of the Event, nor cups or glassware. Bottled water or canned soft drinks are allowed.  Selling merchandise or food is not allowed during the Parade portion of the event.  NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL, food, or drink is allowed in the Festival. 
  5. No objects may be thrown by any entry or participant in the Event, including marchers, floats, and vehicles associated with the Parade entry. During the Parade objects may be passed out by marchers walking along the edge of the crowd, as well as by participants in the Festival.
  6. No participant may undertake any dangerous or noxious activities, including cooking, in the Event.
  7. The Organizers have the right to inspect all units prior to and during the Parade portion of the event. The Organizers have the right to reject any entry not in compliance at any time.   Violation of the rules may be cause to reject entry by the group or person(s) responsible in future Events.
  8. Parade units are NOT to stop along the route unless otherwise directed. Keep a forward motion at all times.
  9. The driver of each vehicle in the Parade must be a qualified, licensed driver 21 years of age or older. During the Parade, each vehicle must maintain a safe distance from the preceding unit.  Vans or vehicles may not follow a float unless appropriately decorated and approved in advance.
  10. The Organizers shall have the power to regulate the amount and scope of advertisement. Advertisement is limited to the Applicant, and only to the extent stated in the application and approved by the Organizers.  
  11. Applicants who hold political office may be accepted to represent the office they now hold, not as the candidate for any office. No campaign buttons, signs or apparel will be allowed.  The individual making a political entry is responsible for ensuring that all participants in the entry abide by the Event rules.
  12. The Organizers reserve the right to exclude from participation in the Event any entry which it considers to be advocating or promoting a particular purpose, principle, agenda, or message inconsistent with or contrary to those of the Event.
  13. Special line-up requests may be submitted; however, the parade line-up is assembled by the organizers and based on parade protocol and for entertainment purposes.
  14. Pick-up trucks, tractors, and cars are allowed in the parade. Other types of vehicles need an approval from the Parade Committee.
  15. All motorcycles must be street legal.
  16. Helmets are required for all riders on a bicycle, skateboard, roller blade or any other type of riding device.
  17. Air horns or excessive loud sounds are not permitted. Police, Fire, and EMS are exempted.
  18. Adult supervision is required for every child in the event.
  19. We agree to be in our assigned position in the Parade formation area at the time instructed and to follow the instructions of Event officials.
  20. All decisions of the Event Organizers are final and not subject to appeal or review by any other body or organization.
  21. The Northside Saint Patrick’s Parade and Festival is a rain or shine event.  In the event of extreme weather, or under direction from the local authorities, or other occurrence that prevents the event from occurring as scheduled,  the Organizers reserve the right to cancel the event.  In the event of such cancellation the Organizers will, if requested in writing by the participant or vendor, refund the participant or vendor fees paid less any charges associated with such payments.   If a participant or vendor wishes to cancel they must do so in writing prior to 30 days from the start date of the event in order for any fees paid to be refunded. If such a cancelation is received the Organizers will refund the full amount of the fees paid less any associated charges.