We Support Charities

Northside Irish Culture & Arts, Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) organization founded to preserve and promote Irish Culture & Arts, as well as Language, History, Traditions, and Sports in the Northern Metro-Atlanta area, and to build and preserve the local Irish community there.  To that end we are fundraising to support our initial endeavor, which is the Northside Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival.   In addition we will have a 50/50 at the Festival, with the proceeds going towards a cause that is closely associated with the history of Ireland and its people – hunger. 

“An Gorta Mor,” translated as “The Great Hunger,” also known as “The Great Famine,”  was a tragic period in Irish history which saw the population of the Island decrease by 20-25% through death and emigration.  Only as recent as 2022 has the population of the Republic of Ireland returned to the level prior to this terrible time.  As such any charitable donations will be made to relieve hunger through the efforts of national and local organizations including the Hibernian Hunger Project of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Solidarity Sandy Springs, and other groups in the Northern Metro-Atlanta area as determined by our Board of Directors.